Car Accident

Miles Teller, Uber Sued in Connection With 2016 Car Accident

In 2016, actor Miles Teller was involved in a multi-vehicle car accident in Studio City. At least one of those other vehicles was being operated as an Uber at the time of the crash. Nearly two years later, a passenger who was injured in the accident has filed a personal injury lawsuit. She is seeking […] Read More


Distracted Driving Leading Cause of Fatal Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 37,133 people were killed in car accidents across the country in 2017. Despite the slight decline in fatal accidents – there were 1.8 percent fewer deaths than in 2016 – experts are still concerned about our dangerous roads. In fact, many believe that the number of fatal […] Read More


Accidents Involving Self-Driving Cars on the Rise

Cars are so technologically advanced that some can even drive themselves. These technological advances are intended to keep our roads safer by taking human error and negligence out of the equation. However, as one recent Los Angeles accident shows, these technologically advanced cars aren’t always foolproof. Last week, a Culver City fire truck was struck […] Read More