Car Accident

Car Accidents Return as Los Angeles Eases COVID-19 Restrictions

If you are a resident of Los Angeles, you probably know that there was a significant decline in traffic during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, there were fewer traffic accidents and car crashes. However, note that after a considerable drop in fatalities during the last 2 weeks of March, when the city’s stay-at-home order […] Read more


What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

You can’t always prevent a car accident. However, you can prepare for what to do if you have one. In 2016 44,207 people were injured or killed in car accidents. Knowing what to do after an accident can help you stay safe, get the help you need, and possibly avoid legal problems.  Pull Over  Never […] Read more


Miles Teller, Uber Sued in Connection With 2016 Car Accident

In 2016, actor Miles Teller was involved in a multi-vehicle car accident in Studio City. At least one of those other vehicles was being operated as an Uber at the time of the crash. Nearly two years later, a passenger who was injured in the accident has filed a personal injury lawsuit. She is seeking […] Read more