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What is a Motorcycle Crash Bar?

Motorcycle accidents are not uncommon in Los Angeles. In 2016 2,441 people were injured or killed in motorcycle accidents last year in Los Angeles County. When an accident involves a motorcycle and a larger vehicle, the motorcyclist is at an increased risk of suffering a serious injury or even death. A crash bar not only prevents damage to your motorcycle, but it can help prevent you from receiving fatal injuries.

Your average motorcycle weighs about 400 pounds. Motorcycle tip-overs can cause serious injuries when all that weight lands on your body. A crash bar can prevent crushing injuries that can occur when a motorcycle falls on the rider.

Crushing injuries from motorcycle injuries can lead to damaged limbs, spinal cord injury, or head trauma. A crash bar prevents the motorcycle from hitting the ground and pinning you between the bike and the road.

How Does a Motorcycle Crash Bar Work?

A motor crash bar is a piece of protective gear that is attached to both sides of your motorcycle to minimize damage caused by an accident. The crash bar can protect both you and your motorcycle by acting as an extra layer of protection if your bike begins to tip over and fall.

When a bike begins to tip over, the crash bar will hit the ground first, keeping the frame and the engine from striking the ground. This will also lessen the impact of the bike landing on you.

Are Motorcycle Crash Bars Always Successful in Preventing Damage to My Bike and Injuries?

They can be successful in preventing damage to your bike and physical injuries, but there are a few details that can make a difference here. One is the quality of the crash bars. In a study on Motorcycle Crash Countermeasures by Monash University, it was found that there was a “need to ensure a standard to ensure the strength of crash bars.”

The study went on to state that “many of the fitted crash bars were too flimsy or poorly designed to be effective.” If they are not properly installed, they can also be useless.

Another issue is the type of crash. Crash bars may be effective in an accident that involves the side of a motorcycle falling on your leg during impact, but they are meaningless if you are thrown from your bike. They also seem to be less effective in accidents that happen when you are traveling at faster speeds. 

Less effective doesn’t mean ineffective. It makes common sense to do your research, get a higher quality crash bar, and make sure that it is properly installed to at least minimize the impact from an accident. 

Motorcycles do not offer the protection of a car, so it is sensible to do what you can to prevent some of the common injuries that come from your body being in between your bike and the pavement.

Even after taking proactive measures, such as installing a motorcycle crash bar, you still might suffer an injury in an accident. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you should seek the assistance of an attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents.

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